Sunday, January 23, 2011


Blue top: Walmart
Mustard tank: Target
Jeans: American Eagle
Flats: Target
Necklace: gift from parents
Truck: big old Chevy

This is a prime errand running and chore doing outfit, which is good because that's exactly what I did all day. I also made sure it carried over into curling by swapping my jeans for yoga/curling pants. I've been curling for almost a year and last night I skipped my very first game. In most clubs it would take me about 5 years to work my way from lead to skip but a dearth of experienced skips last night left me in charge of my own team. We may have lost by two but the game was really close and I had an absolute blast. I feel really lucky that I had the chance to try skipping a year in!

Beyond curling, I've been tucked into the house for the most part, trying to stay warm. Cardiganland is very cold right now and we are expecting another weather system on Tuesday. I'm hopeful it won't shut us down like the last storm did because I broke my boot laces and all I have right now is my flats!

Finally, one bit of news: I have signed up for Kendi's upcoming 30 for 30 challenge. 30 for 30 is a commitment to select 30 pieces from your wardrobe (including shoes) and wear them for 30 days. You also commit to not shopping for clothing for that period. It's something I've wanted to do since I started reading style blogs and now I'm ready! February is a good month for me to do this because I need to invest in a set of tires for my car and I'm travelling to Virginia so any excuse not to shop is fine by me!

Interested in signing up for 30 for 30 or want to find out more? Read Kendi's post to find answers to your questions and add your name to the list!

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