Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy refrain

Cardigan: Target
Tank: Anthropologie
Skirt: Walmart
Tights: Target
Heels: Sofft
Nail polish: Zoya Jo

It's rainy and dreary today and I said no! It's not allowed to be dreary! Time to burst out the floral skirt.

I attempted something different with my day two hair today. I think it looks...more androgynous than usual. You can't tell but I also have three buns on the back of my head. I used those Goody Hair Pins you've either heard a lot or nothing about; I bought them back in May and can't get enough. I personally need four for a bun because I have extremely thick hair but they're amazing--they hold a bun in place better than a hair tie and they're really easy to use.

Here are my shoes! I've wanted a pair of shoes with a wide strap over the top of the foot, much like E. of Academichic and Kim from Anthroholic. And now I do! Yay.

And lastly, here is me looking miserable in the rain because it was cold. I was singing on the inside, I swear.


  1. Boo to the drearyness of rain! At least it's not snowing. I love the colors you used in your outfit! and seeing how you wore those shoes with those ADORABLE tights is making me want to go to Target and get them in as many colors there are available.

  2. Thank you Laura! I LOVE Target's tights and I check in every week to see if they have any colours I don't already own. I think I've missed out on any other colours though because they haven't restocked in a while. I recommend them though, they're great quality for $5!

  3. Hi, I've been browsing your blog. And that made me hit the follow button.
    Feminine and yet quirky style. J'aime beaucoup!

  4. Oh goodness, merci and welcome! I'll try not to let you down :)