Saturday, January 8, 2011

In honour of the Pig

Scarf: J.Crew
Orange top: Anthropologie
Green top: Old Navy
Cords: LL Bean
Socks: Walmart
Flats: Target
Nail polish: China Glaze Side Saddle

The local Piggly Wiggly recently shut its doors, and I took the opportunity to sneak in behind the building with my car and found an interesting venue for today's pictures! Thanks, Pig. I'll miss you.

The cami I bought from Old Navy (for about $4) has been invaluable. I have a longer than average torso and average legs, which causes some shirts to be a bit on the short side of things. The cami is more than long enough to avoid salaciousness, and I love the colour. I also have it in black!

Floating hair! Amazing! I'm so talented. This picture took four tries so let's pretend I don't have zits and the camera's shadow is nonexistent, okay?


  1. Whaaaatt?! The Pig closed?! Say it ain't so!!!

  2. It is quite sadly so! I assume they closed because of high prices and competition with Walmart.