Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Evander Holyfield

Top: J.Crew | Skirt: Target | Wedges: Target | Cat: Lily

As I have steadily clawed my way to completing this month's small goal #1, I have encountered some needs. Most recently, I decided to change a shade of metallic thread in the pattern from copper to purple. I didn't want to buy it online and pay for shipping and wait a week for a three dollar spool of thread, so I found a shop on the outer edges of Cardiganland that sells the thread and decided to drive out on my day off to buy the thread.

On the way there, the guy in front of me on the interstate hit a shred of tire, which went airborne and slammed into my headlight, skidded across the hood of my car, then slid off at the windshield, but not before wailing into my side view mirror and ripping it from the body of my car, leaving it hanging by a strip of wiring. My poor car lost an ear!

I've been driving around ever since with only one side mirror. I used to make fun of people with only one mirror and now I am one. Shame on me. But hopefully my car's ear will return by the end of this week--the body shop is getting a replacement--and I think I've found a way to file a claim to make the state pay for it, since they aren't cleaning up the roads. It's better than nothing, right? And now I have a spool of thread that cost only $350.

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