Sunday, March 3, 2013

Free dress period

Button down: Target | Dress: eShakti | Belt: Target | Tights: Target | Wedges: Target

eShakti asked me to review one of the pieces from their spring line, and of course I said yes. I'm a big fan of eShakti (I own all these items from them), and their spring line has some really adorable dresses. I actually selected a different dress (which I'm still stalking) but it was out of stock, so I ended up with this dress instead. It's really cute! I don't have any purple dresses, so maybe this was actually serendipitous. And I really like this dress--the length, the colour, the buttons. There are bra strap holders on the shoulders, which is a nice touch and will come in handy when it gets warm enough to wear this dress on its own. Also, pockets! I noticed there is an option on the site to remove pockets, and while that's nice and all...why would you ever remove pockets?!

I always get custom styling from eShakti because my body is one size up top and another size on the bottom. It's never failed me, and this dress is no different. And honestly, I think it would be well worth the extra $7.50 even if I were a normal size, because everything just looks better and feels better that way. I also ordered the above knee length version--I really love being able to pick dress/skirt lengths, because I think above the knee is the best look for me. This dress is unlined, but it doesn't affect the substantial quality of the dress at all, particularly the skirt. There is no possibility of sheerness anywhere on this thing.

So yes, I recommend eShakti. I convinced one of my curling friends to get a dress from them, and now she is obsessed. I just ordered another dress form them a couple nights ago. I'm stalking the Savannah like my life depends on it. I've had one misfire from them, and it was because of loose pleating across the bust, but the dress still fit like a charm. Honestly, if I have to look for a fancy dress (weddings, I'm looking at you), I turn to eShakti first now. It's hard to beat the prices, the customization, and (if you sign up for emails from them) the coupons. Yesss. Speaking of which, they sent me a coupon code to share with y'all in case you would like to buy something from there. It's NMTEDCRDGN74 , and it's for $25 off, and you have until March 25th to use it. So hustle! Just...if you see the Savannah dress pop up, let me know, k? Thanks!

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