Saturday, March 9, 2013

The long-awaited hair tutorial

Everyone wanted to know how I achieved the glorious hairstyle in this post, so here is the step by step process in all its glory!

1" curling iron | hair tie or hair clip | bobby pins | music of some sort

These are the items you will need. Hairspray is optional. Music is not.

Step 1. Start with bedhead, because there's nothing classier than sharing a photo of your bedhead with the internet.

Step 2. If you have any dampness in your hair like I usually do in the morning, get rid of it. This is also a good time to seal in or adjust your part if necessary. To do that, part your hair where you want to, then blast it for a bit with cool air. If you don't have a blowdryer, make sure to do this when your hair is entirely dry--manufactured curls do not hold in even slightly damp hair, especially if you have stubborn hair.

Step 3. Gather your supplies: music, curling iron, and hair clip or hair tie.

Step 4. Clip/tie up half of your hair, & pin back any bangs or loose strands so you don't end up curling the wrong thing at the wrong time. Part the loose section down the middle. Curl the hair, going away from the face. I recommend pulling the stand down right after curling it so you get more of a loose, wavy curl than a sun-will-come-out-tomorrow look.

Step 5. AWAY from the face.


Step 7. Keep going until it's all done. It usually takes me about 45 minutes to do, but I have an exceptional amount of very thick hair. For hair of average thickness or shorter length, I wouldn't estimate more than 25 minutes of curling.

Step 8. Unpreen. Finger brush it to loosen the waves. You can also use a soft bristle brush if you prefer that, but tousle it a little bit afterward--unless the 1940s movie star look is your thing (and it's a good thing to be a thing!), in which case stop here.

Step 9. If you want to or think you need to, give all of your hair a quick sweep with the hairspray. I use this stuff simply because my mom stopped using it and there's still like three fourths of a can left. After that, back comb the ends a bit with your fingers for added volume/insanity.

Step 10: Bask.

Although this is a pretty straightforward tutorial, I'm really not sure how it will look on anyone else's hair. I think mine looks good with this style because of the amount of layers I have in my hair, so the curl is defined from cheek height all the way down to the ends. I don't know if it will look as brilliant on women with blunt haircuts, but I'd love to know so tell me if you decide to try this out!

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