Friday, July 20, 2012

Stormy weather

Umbrella: Totes | Sweater: Gap Outlet | Jeans: American Eagle | Flats: Toms | Nails: butter London Dosh

I had an appointment today with my orthopedist to discuss my back. Many a coworker have asked why I don't go to a chiropractor or get a massage or do some stretches, but it's hard to explain sciatic pain if it's never been felt, and it's even harder to explain why I have it when I'm 26, and why I had it when I was 19. In short, I fell off a horse when I was 18 and smashed three discs into my spinal cord, causing very strong nerve pain which travelled down my leg for a year and half. It took that long to go through the physical therapy, the myriad of drugs, the epidurals, and finally the surgery that stopped the pain and helped me get back to living my life. (All while bouncing between two homes, one at college in VA and one in Cardiganland.) A chiropractor could not adjust the herniated discs in my back; scraping off what was forcing itself into my spine was the only thing that worked. For six years, one month and eighteen days, anyway. And then it was back, stronger and weirder than ever--on both sides, and worst where my hip and leg meet, deep in my butt. It's so fun to display to my doctors where the pain is. It's been three weeks since it started, and I have been self-medicating with a bottle of my mom's Vicodin that expired in 2009 because it hurts that much. My orthopedist kindly never mentioned the S word, and I've begun round number two of a pill cocktail after completing a failed attempt to soften the pain via PT. Unfortunately these drugs don't make me loopy, so my posts will probably remain as boring and dorky as usual. Sorry! There are few options left before I end up back on the table, but the doctor doesn't "see any preliminary evidence of" another herniated disc. Good thing, since I don't have much of the last one left. So there's my sad, pathetic story of why I'm lazy and there are so few action shots now and I can't walk so well and it's weird when I try to stand or sit or lie down or breathe.

In other news: this sweater is awesome, you guys. Shoulder waves!

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