Friday, July 27, 2012

It isn't alcohol

Cardigan: J.Crew Outlet | Dress: Gap Outlet | Belt: off a skirt from Kohl's | Wedges: Target | Drink: Wawa Lemonade Tea

This week has been a rough one, you guys. But I'm glad to say things are looking up, and hopefully we're past everything like that. But when things get tough, what do we all do? We fall back on the things that give us comfort and make us feel better. For me, one of those things is Wawa Lemonade Tea. When E. came to visit, she brought me four jugs of the stuff, and I try to keep a stash going in our spare fridge for when I need it. I've needed a lot of it this week. But the other thing that has given me some comfort, oddly enough, is getting dressed. I spent some time this week lying on the floor of an emergency room sleeping and crying*, and I was glad I was wearing jeans, but I was so happy to go into work one day this week and to stare at my closet and pull on a dress. It wrapped me up, it held me in, it made me feel like despite everything that was going on, there was something more there. There was an extra frame of support around me.

I mean, I'm wearing shorts and drinking Pepsi right now. But that dress and that drink were a big help.

*Things are going to be okay. Thank you all for your kind words earlier this week.

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