Sunday, July 8, 2012

Inching ever forward

Pearls: JCPenney | Dress: Banana Republic Outlet | Belt: Target | Heels: Nine West
Twenty-one of thirty

And this dress in, yellow skirt out. I've kind of realised that I don't love the yellow skirt I picked; I don't wear it much and I feel like it's too tight for me, which is saying something since I love a good pencil skirt. And this dress, which is a hugger (but not tight). In other news, this is the kind of outfit that would look great with an arm party. But I have fat enough hands that there is no way I can make an arm party happen. Good thing my tattoo does some work in that regard, right?

My friend E. is leaving tomorrow, and I plan to do a couple outfit posts featuring her. I might wait until I'm done with my 30x30, simply because I want to post what I wore on those days too, and they're not part of my 30! More impetus for me to finish, right? I might do some two a days (from football to style) to wrap it up. Nine left!

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