Monday, July 23, 2012


Necklaces: J.Crew Outlet | Top: J.Crew Outlet | Skirt: JCPenney | Wedges: Target

My friend A. and I have been reminiscing about the wonder that is The OC. You guys remember The OC, right? Only one of the best shows ever, until that weird alternate universe episode when it jumped the shark. A. and I would watch it together, and I still clearly recall the day Marissa died; my mom let me watch The OC because she a) knew how important it was to me and b) probably pitied me since it was only a week after my back surgery. I texted A. throughout the whole thing and he was as devastated as I was. A. and I went to high school together and even though we've only seen each other once in the last five years, we still text each other like "remember that jerk Oliver?" or "I just saw Kristen Cohen on this TNT show". Or, of course, "Sandy Cohen's eyebrows". Classic moments in tv and life history, you guys.

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