Thursday, May 3, 2012

Some dresses

Dress: Gap | Belt: Target | Flats: Banana Republic

Some dresses just work better without shoes. Some dresses also work better in the boiling heat. Some dresses go to the vet and end up with a little bit of cat plasma on them. Some dresses respond very well to Tide To Go. Some dresses are loved by coworkers and patrons and moms alike, and some dresses look modest without looking matronly. Some dresses are made of the Fabric of Our Lives. Some dresses have flutter sleeves that actually flutter. Some dresses fit just right, and some dresses harness the wind & flit the skirt to and fro. Some dresses are white. Some dresses cost $13 at the local Gap Outlet.

But only one dress is all of these things. It's some dress.

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