Thursday, May 31, 2012


It's that time again! Here are my picks for the epic Animated Cardigan/DIYFATSHION/14 Shades of Grey /Dressing Up for Life maybe/whoever else wants to do do this 30x30! As a reminder, we cut shoes from the 30, so we're just doing fabric items this time around. Accessories don't count either. Some of these picks are old favourites, some have never appeared on the blog before. So here we go. Meet my millionaires clothing!


JCPenney | Anthropologie | Target

J. Crew

Anthro | Target

Target | Kohl's | Loft Outlet | Anthropologie | Target

Anthropologie | J. Crew | JCPenney

Gap Outlet | Belk | Gap Outlet | Kohl's | Loft Outlet

Target | Banana Republic Outlet | Kohl's | Ann Taylor Factory Store | Gap Outlet | JCPenney

Gap Outlet | Gap Outlet | American Eagle | Old Navy

How I picked what I picked
One thing you may have noticed scrolling through the list here is that I've gone with a colour scheme of mostly red, green and blue. There are a lot of basic, geometric two colour patterns, more lines than circles. Very little yellow and orange and no purple, as far as I can tell. I really wanted to go into this 30x30 with a plan for my picks, as opposed to the first time (which was dictated by it being winter and my needing warm picks) and the second time (in which I went overboard with patterns). I'm a very colour focused person (I could stand at a wall of of paint chips and stare all day) and I wanted these 30 things to just look good together in a pile on my bed. And they do! Which makes me really excited for this 30x30.

The other thing I really wanted to focus on was making this 30x30 work appropriate and REALLY remixable. I love my job and the library's dress code leaves us a LOT of creative freedom, which I absolutely love, but I do still have to do things like wear skirts of appropriate length and tops that cover essential parts of my body (majority of the shoulders/chest). So you'll see that, unlike my second 30x30, there are no short skirts, no tank tops, no short shorts. Everything here can be either worn on its own or under a cardigan to be entirely work appropriate. I also wanted items that can do double duty--my jeggings can also be tights, my dresses can be both skirts and tops, a button down that works both as a shirt and a cardigan. This multiplies their possible uses--and the outfits that can be created--vastly. 30x30 is all about creativity and thinking outside the box. I was very exacting with my picks this time around, maybe because the last two times I wasn't and I wanted change? Either way though I'm looking forward to starting this challenge and I already have a bunch of outfit ideas!

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