Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I don't do nothing but take pictures of myself

Above: the book I am currently reading.

I've been under the weather today (sore throat, headache, hating life, etc.) and I bummed around work in trouser jeans and a nominally stylish tee, so I thought I'd show some "lifestyle" shots instead. AKA a bunch of random pictures that find their way onto my memory card between outfit shoots.

It's about time to make another necklace rack, I think.

My poor saddle, languishing under pads and dust.

Baby L. just chillin' at the Gap.

Our front door--my dad just installed full length shutters to cover the side panel windows.

Some fuzzy (painless!) sticker burrs that I found on my skirt.

Just a little testing. This exact design is too busy (and black; I want varying shades of blue) but it's on the right track.

Me and my new (to me) car, Pontius Prius.

My pink elephant necklace, which is rapidly increasing in popularity.

And my horse, being a total goober. If you look closely, you can see there is a tooth missing! The peril of getting long in the tooth is that eventually they just fall out.

I should be back tomorrow with outfit pictures!

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