Friday, June 13, 2014

SIA: PSA (short notice!)

Sea by Richard Schallert
Serigraph, 1976

This is exceptionally short notice (New York, crazy work, exhausted, etc.--I'll explain in more detail in my next post!) but here is this week's pick by Jen for Style Imitating Art! Jen actually owns this serigraph, which both makes me jealous (it's so beautiful!) and makes me think omg what a good idea. I might have to wheel out some of the art I own too someday. Jen has a certificate of authenticity, which will be awesome if she ever takes it to Antiques Roadshow. More importantly, it has great colours that match this time of the year so well.

Send Jen your outfits by Monday night, June 16th! Enjoy the beauty of this one!

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