Friday, January 24, 2014

Death by Martha

Pink scarf: JCPenney | Blue scarf: Target | Sweater: Target | Dress as skirt: Target | Tights: Target | Flats: DSW

I have taken more of an interest in cooking in the last six months or so. I'm getting better at it and feel capable of making a LOT more than I used to be able to make. (I am also the primary cooker in my family now!) I read food blogs and Google recipes and my recipe pinboard is the second largest one I have (clothes, of course, still hold first place). And my parents did get me the god of mixers, so my baking can go to an even higher level. (I've always been a good baker.) But since I want to inch forward with my cooking, I checked this out from work. And I have received no short variety of comments about Martha. But to be entirely fair to Martha, looking through the book, it's actually really easy to follow. She explains damn near everything about cooking, along with the basics of baking. So I raise my glass to you, Martha, for enabling me to make my friends even more jealous with my cooking skills.

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