Monday, July 8, 2013


Lighthouse, by Jamie Wyeth
Oil on canvas, 1993

One of our very first SIAs revolved around Christina's World by Andrew Wyeth. I think I probably had a lot to say about the Wyeth family and how they were from the Brandywine Valley, near where I grew up, and how they're all awesome. I feel like it's only fair to include Jamie Wyeth in SIA--he's the current heir to the Wyeth family dynasty, and probably last in the line, since he has not had children. Jamie is the one in the family who paints with a sense of humour (a fascinating thing to study), and he's the main portraitist of the family. This is one of those portraits.

Send me your submissions by Monday, July 15th! I can't wait to see your ideas for this one.

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