Sunday, July 28, 2013

Guest post: Pup partay!

Hey y'all! I'm on vacation, so I've asked some lovely ladies to babysit the ol' AC while I'm gone. Say hello to Brynn and her two dear puppies!

Hello!  My name is Brynn, and I blog over at brynnash.  I'm so excited to be posting for Jess while she is off vacationing this summer (JEALOUS.)!  I mainly post about my personal style, but I also add in some nuggets about my life.

One thing that you'll learn about me really quickly (both in real life and on my blog) is that I am a complete dog lover!  I grew up with dogs and have always loved them.  I lucked out with a partner who is as much a dog fanatic as myself, and after we got married, we couldn't wait to get our first pup together!

For our first anniversary, we decided to adopt our little Pippin, a 2-year-old beagle/blue heeler mix.  We were looking for smallish dogs (the place we lived at the time had a weight restriction of 35 lbs) and both of us wanted a dog that looked a little different.  Pippin's face popped out to me on Petfinder and I knew she had to be ours.  I immediately started crying and told Kevin we needed to adopt her.  We went to meet her a few days later and took her home with us.

Pippin is named partially for Lord of the Rings (we'rd nerds) and partially for the musical Pippin (I love musicals).  She's so funny and makes us laugh all the time.  Pippin is often cat-like, and loves to lay on the back of the couch.  She also is the biggest cuddler of all time.  Whenever we're sitting on the couch, she needs to be RIGHT NEXT TO US.  She'll literally stick her nose under my laptop to shove it out of the way when I'm working on homework.  Pippin is quiet, curious, and incredibly smart.

After adopting Pip, I became head over heels in love with animal rescue.  I knew I needed to foster dogs at some point in my life, because the thought of a dog being euthanized due to lack of space in a shelter breaks my heart.  We were introduced to a fantastic rescue in Minneapolis called Safe Hands and I knew this was the rescue I wanted to get involved in.  They have such a fantastic, compassionate attitude towards animals and will go to great lengths to save the lives of innocent dogs.  Every couple of weeks, they put out a call for people to foster new dogs and have the dogs' pictures on their Facebook account.

One day, I was looking through one of the albums, and this darling little black puppy with the saddest eyes yanked on my heartstrings.  Her name was Delia.  She and her three brothers had watched their mother get shot when they were just 8-10 weeks old and had been left alone to die.  Safe Hands was going down to the high-kill shelter in Kentucky in four days to bring the puppies to safety, but they needed foster homes.  I sat in my office looking at her picture, crying because I wanted to save her so badly.  Kevin agreed that we needed to foster her, and four days later, Delia came to our house.

We had been looking for a playmate for Pippin for so long, and couldn't believe how wonderfully she and Delia got along.  I have always wanted another black lab (I grew up with one), and Delia was perfect.  Both Kevin and I fell in love with her, but we were still trying to place her in a family (at this point, we were honestly just trying to foster her).  After taking her to several meet and greets and having several family visits that fell through, we were heartbroken for this beautiful, smart, sassy, clumsy little girl.  We decided to adopt her ourselves.  We renamed her Rooney, and ever since June, she's been our second pup.  There hasn't been a minute that we've looked back on that decision.

Having dogs is the most rewarding thing.  I absolutely love waking up to these two little nuggets and coming home from work to their wiggly little butts.  Life has so much more meaning when you have something to love and take care of...and Pip and Roo have certainly done their fair share of taking care of me as well.  When I've had a rough day, I'll sit on the couch with a dog on each side.  Rooney will snuggle next to me, and Pippin will lick my tears away.  They know exactly how to make me laugh, comfort me, and keep me active.  I love having dogs and will never again be without one!!

And since there's nothing cuter than two little puppy noses, here you are:

Thanks for reading about my two most favorite things in the world: Pippin and Rooney!!

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