Monday, April 29, 2013


Feeding the Ducks, by Mary Cassatt
Drypoint and aquatint, with monotype inking, on paper, 1895

Mary Cassatt was my first favourite artist (followed shortly thereafter by Picasso, and then all hell broke loose). I loved her art when I was a child. Impressionism in general was my first love, and Cassatt in particular was a superhero. But Mary Cassatt wasn't just an Impressionist; she also made a sizable contribution to the field that would become graphic arts by developing these drypoint and aquatint prints. This print, Feeding the Ducks, was one of those original prints. The prints stand as one of her most creative and unique contributions to the arts--this technique was something that hadn't been done before in the West, and she drew considerable attention for it.

Entries for Style Imitating Art will be due to Salazar by the evening of Monday, May (MAY!!) 6th. Enjoy this one, and email us if you have questions!

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