Monday, April 29, 2013

Green is the colour that everyone sees all around me

Sweater: Anthropologie | Belt: Target | Skirt: JCPenney | Wedges: Target

I am very excited about Heidi and Marissa's Pantone-Inspired Spring Challenge! First of all, I love Pantone. Second, I love easy challenges (meaning I will not feel like pulling my own teeth by the end), and this totally fits the bill! I need something for a little inspiration. Not that I don't love SIA, but I feel like I'm stuck in a slight style rut, and I think this will help. It's also finals week, which is not helping my creative state. Whatever. We're getting this show on the road. You're welcome to join in too! Click the banner below to be taken to Heidi's blog, which will explain the mysteries of the world the challenge.

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