Monday, November 19, 2012

Style Imitating Art: The Great War

It's Style Imitating Art time! Yessss. This week's inspiration was The Great War by René Magritte. Awesome stuff. Let's see the submissions!

First is Dawn of Suitcase Vignettes. She told me to pick between the two photos but I liked them both, so here they are!

Next is Jen of Librarian for Life Style, who said her outfit could compare to Son of Man as well. I AGREE!

Rebekah of From the Mixed-Up Files... has an awesome purple/white/purple combo going. Perfect fall outfit.

Next is Stephanie, who's new to SIA! And she looks great--I adore the scarf.

Here is Noelle of Tilly's Notions' interpretation. The lace! I have no lace in my wardrobe so I'm really glad someone else did!

Next is Kezzie of KezzieAG, who has such a lovely, flowy dress. So pretty.

As always, Pao of Project Minima looks almost exactly like the painting! Epic.

Lastly, my cohost and cocreator, Salazar of 14 Shades of Grey, who always kills it. Doesn't she look lovely?

And me! My full outfit post will be up later tonight.

EDIT: Teddi sent in a late submission! She thinks she looks like a taxi driver, but I think she looks awesome!

Thank you to everyone who submitted outfits this week! You all did a great job with the inspiration!

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