Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Oh, the homework you'll do

Above: the bold, brave, beautiful ocean.

I spent most of today elbow deep in a stack of reader's advisory reference materials (exciting!), and despite my best wishes, spent most of my afternoon at the library where I work, working on homework. Too much work, not enough not work. At least I played frisbee last night. Anyway, while I annotate, here are a few pictures from my trip to the one and only New Haven, Connecticut. More forthcoming!

Above: Yale has some pretty great art.

Above: and New Haven has some pretty great food.

Above: yes, Virginia, there is a Pez factory and museum.

Above: I like to think of this picture as a kindred spirit to the last picture in this post.

Below: the Gutenberg Bible. And now I can die happy.

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