Saturday, August 4, 2012

Pin up

You guys! I noticed that pinning pictures from here wasn't possible! So I changed my flickr settings to accomodate that. Going forward (and back to the last 40 or so posts), you'll be able to pin whatever you see here on AC. Sorry about that!

Also, a few pictures of life lately. I'm the only cook left in the kitchen right now, as it were, so I've been shouldering a lot of domestic responsibilities at home, including cooking, cleaning and laundry. I've surprised myself at my competence in the kitchen; I've kind of been winging it and things have turned out pretty well, particularly broiling food for the first time and making fried chicken, from scratch, without a recipe (also for the first time). And it was delicious! I've been eating a ridiculous amount of cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches lately, and they're pretty awesome. And so easy to make!

Below: the flowers my amazing college roommate, Sarah, sent last week. Aren't they just lovely?

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