Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hit the brakes

Sweater: J.Crew Outlet | Shorts: Gap Outlet | Wedges: Target

Can you tell by the extremely wrinkled, totally lived in look that I've been wearing these shorts pretty much 24/7 this summer? I used to despise shorts (I'm fat and cellulite blahblah), but two summers into my life in Cardiganland was the hottest summer on record in SC and I finally caved and bought some $5 shorts from Walmart. And were they ever worth it. Now I basically live in shorts outside of work, and I even wear them to the store and stuff. I love these shorts in particular because they fit--is it me or is it even harder to find shorts for extreme curves than it is to find jeans?--and because look at this colour, you guys. Ballin. I'm so gonna stop traffic in the Walmart parking lot tonight.

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