Sunday, August 26, 2012

1,403 miles later

Here are a bunch of pictures of my trip. Commentary as necessary.

We ate a a diner in West Baltimore. Where we stayed was sketch, but the diner was delicious.

We stopped in South Philly for cheese steaks at Pat's, caffeine, and a rousing two person game of Apples to Apples. The barista was a tiebreaking judge.

Where we stayed in Cape May. My aunt and uncle's house looks like it's straight outta Pinterest.

the best she crab soup ever. Also: this oyster cracker looks like a teddy bear.

Just two of the best people on the planet. No big deal.

Boats we looked at.

The boat we sailed on.

Me and E. after a delicious dinner.


People always ask me how water ice can exist if it's water and ice at the same time. To which I say: shut the fuck up and eat the damn water ice.

N. and I went to the DC Arboretum. It was awesome.

There were random columns on top of a hill (from the original Capitol building)...

So N. took my picture. Makes sense.

Jersey fresh!

The Floral Dress Brigade arrives for a wedding.

Me as Mary from Downton Abbey.

Mr. Peanut minus a monocle and plus bangs.

Just being cheesy, that's all.

So that was my trip in a really random nutshell. Tomorrow is Style Imitating Art, so remember to send me your photos! The post will be up tomorrow night :)

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