Wednesday, November 10, 2010

An introduction.

This feels weird, to start a fashion blog, but maybe this can pave the way for others.

I'm a 24 year old lady living in the Southern United States, and I work in a library. I horseback ride, curl and read a lot (for work and for pleasure). I live with my parents, like so many my age currently do. I tell myself it's because I can help care for the 13 acre farm we live on, but it's really because I don't have enough money to live on my own.

Beyond the basics: I am also 5'10 and a size 18. That's embarrassing to admit, but it's kind of essential to my style woes and triumphs. My body is one of those weird hybrid mixes between straight sizes and plus sizes--my chest is miles from filling out a plus size blazer, but my arms prohibit me from wearing average size jackets which no stretch. My waist is a size smaller than my hips. Pants somehow always seem to shrink, no matter what I do. My body is weird and as such, my wardrobe and I have always been at odds.

For a long time--from maybe 6th grade, when I started becoming overly conscious of my body, to my final year of college--my body was plastered with the same outfit: jeans and a t-shirt. If we were all lucky, I'd dig a sweater or long sleeve shirt out of my closet. A college hoody also rotated in and out, depending on the weather. Threadless became my best friend in college, and I had two drawers filled with tees.

I was predictable, but couldn't break out of my routine. I was afraid of the comments I'd garner and the attention I'd receive. I was also heavily ashamed of my body, from my acne to my giant feet, and I didn't want to draw any more attention to myself than absolutely necessary. Ironic that I spent so much time in college working behind the house in the theatre department. Medicine for my skin helped me feel less embarrassed about that (though I had to just get over the big feet thing), but I still hid behind t-shirts of every colour and sign. I did break out a skirt or two, but carrying a lot of my weight in my lower half meant that my thighs rubbed together and chafed. Painful and uncomfortable, and the last thing you want is for your style to make you uncomfortable.

After graduating, I moped around looking for a job and wearing more t-shirts. Finally, I found the job that led me to my current job--and soon I was no longer allowed to wear tees on a daily basis! I was heartbroken and dazed and most of all, totally inept at putting together an outfit involving an actual shirt. For a while I simply put on a couple t-shirts like this with some pants and hoped no one would notice. Eventually, though, I started to feel underdressed and realized that I was indeed an adult and I needed to dress like one.

So very slowly, I started buying skirts and nice(r) shirts. One of my best friends introduced me to the miracle of Spanx, which helped my thighs problem. She also introduced me to my first bra fitting, and after that my confidence rocketed. I learned to walk in heels, despite my being 5'10, because I finally learned that being 5'10 is NOT a reason to only wear flats. My wardrobe expanded and my dad knocked out half a wall so I could access my entire closet. I bought more shoes, dresses, pretty tops.

Now, I'm at a point where I have enough clothing to start putting it together in a variety of ways. I'm tripped up a lot by colour combinations and pattern mixing and lengths and heights of sleeves and skirts and pants and heels. I'm hoping that by chronicling what I wear, and having an archive of my outfits, I can better see where everything fits and what works with what. Sometimes I pull together a great look, sometimes it's a wreck. Then I go back and start all over. I just hope that this blog serves as a voice for all the random-bodied dressers in the world who want to learn to dress with style.

Why, particularly, Animated Cardigan? My AIM screen name (how sentimental!) is animatedcardigan, and it never really meant anything. It just sounded good at the time. But here now, it's pretty descriptive of my style: animated and with cardigans. How foreshadow-y of myself! We'll see what happens, and at the very least, there are some hilarious outfits to be had.

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  1. Bra fittings change lives, and Spanx save lives.