Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Style Imitating Art: Freedom from Want

OH MY GOD YOU GUYS. Everyone looks so amazing this week!!! AAAAAH! As a reminder, this week's SIA inspiration was Freedom from Want by Norman Rockwell but let's get to the outfits because I am dying.

Erin at Loop Looks took her photos by her parents' dining table, which is so perfect for this week's SIA! And she looks so stylish, too.

I love the comfortable but put together look Alison of Nouveau North Westerners submitted! And the blue is stunning on her--perfect for her skin tone, right?

Kezzie at Kezzie AG has a BROCCOLI BROOCH. Adorable!!

Mike looks super sharp in his suit! He managed to match his suit shirt to the blue in the painting. Awesome!

Noelle at The Classy Junk found a great backdrop for her photos too! And I'm pretty sure we own the same scarf. (Is there anyone who doesn't have a scarf similar to this one this season?) She looks great!

I love SIA curator Jen of Librarian for Life and Style's outfit--it's so classically chic. Yes please!

My SIA co-creator Salazar at 14 Shades of Grey looks really modern in her outfit. She said this silhouette is awkward but I'm not seeing it--I think it looks great on her!

And then there's me! Hiiiii from what feels like the wettest part of America.

I am blown away by how everyone nailed this week's SIA. I kind of want to photoshop us all together in one big SIA family photo! Thank you all for participating!

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