Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Freedom from Want, by Norman Rockwell
Oil on canvas, 1943

I get to choose this week's artwork for SIA, and I feel like for me, personally, it's a burden and a gift. I found out about what happened in Paris right before I went to bed that night, and I haven't slept well since. Our world is in crisis in so many ways, and now I'm being slapped left and right with reminders of the commercialism that has overtaken the winter holidays. Do people in America even care what Thanksgiving is about anymore? That two groups of people who didn't know or understand each other still assumed good faith and sat down together for a basket of corn and a pile of eels? To love, to care, to hope for better?

So I struggled with what to pick for SIA this week. I wanted something that would embody some happiness for the holidays, that compassion of family (even when they talk politics) and love and care for one another. Nothing screams that quite like Norman Rockwell, so here in all its glory is the famous Freedom from Want. I've always loved Norman Rockwell's ability to capture sentimentality, and there's no better example of that in his body of work than this one painting.

Send me your photos inspired by Freedom from Want by Monday, November 30th, to be included!

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