Wednesday, March 4, 2015

In love

Us at the Biltmore Estate on February 23, 2015.

On February 22nd, 2014, I met a guy. And we fell in love.

My boss convinced me to let her put my information on Match. I had almost nothing to do with my profile, all the way down to the username--she put numbers in there, which I deeply dislike--except for the tagline that I could attach to my profile. My boss insisted I do that. I told her to put down "I need a drink" and left it at that. One day, about a month into being on Match, I received a message, but I couldn't see it. One of many obnoxious things about Match is that the site will tell you you have a message for free, but you have to pay to read the message. So I ignored the email, because I didn't feel like paying for a message from a guy I wouldn't be interested in.

Match kept sending emails, and finally, the company sent a warning email that my message would be deleted in 48 hours if I didn't pay up. To entice me, they sent the body of the message, which mostly said "I saw that your tagline read "I need a drink". Mine says "FREE BEER", so I thought I'd check and see if you still need that drink." I caved and forked over three months of membership to Match, because it was less than a month, so I could see who sent the message.

That's how Andrew and I met.

Our first date was to see August: Osage County, which was terrible, and I was so nervous about riding the escalator (I have a fear of them) to the movie theatre that the first thing I ever said to him was "I have to warn you that it may take me a while to get onto the escalator because I am afraid of them." He said "okay. And hi." We had drinks afterward at a bar that tragically no longer exists, but we talked while I was half distracted by the Winter Olympics were on the tv behind him. I took my glasses off so I couldn't see as well, but bobsled was on. He put up with it all, and then I knew that I probably had a winner on my hands.

Andrew is probably one of the few people in my life who puts up with me on a daily basis and never gets tired of me. Even my parents get tired of me. I am a moody, aggressive, crazy bitch sometimes, and he is very even keeled--something I desperately need in a relationship. He is by turns supportive and challenging, always at the right time, and while we don't have all the same interests (he plays Grand Theft Auto & listens to heavy metal while I read about art on Wikipedia & jam to Kesha), we share some very important core beliefs, including strongly preferring to remain childless and a lack of interest in organized religion. We also both love parks, bad movies, and the internet. He puts up with all the shitty reality tv I watch (including The Bachelor) and lets me control the radio in the car. He's supportive and smart and incredibly handsome, and sometimes I look at him and wonder what the hell he could see in me.

We've had ups and downs, just like any relationship, but Andrew hasn't wavered, not yet. I'm not sure he ever will, and if he doesn't, then I might be one of the luckiest women on earth.

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