Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Style Imitating Art: Automat

It's Style Imitating Art time! This week's inspiration is Automat, by the inimitable Edward Hopper.

First up is Stephanie--she sent me two photos, but I couldn't pick just one so I made a collage! Her necklace is so cool, and I love her blazer. It's the perfect colour!

Next is Selah of A Bibliophile's Style, who is submitting to SIA for the first time! The hat is perfect!

Erin of Loop Looks wore this outfit out for her husband's birthday. She has sequin pants, you guys.

Grace of Living with A-Holts has a beautiful green dress on to match the woman's coat. That's a great colour on you, Grace!

Jen at Librarian for Life and Style has the best photo ever. I'm glad someone found a place to take an Automatesque picture!

My SIA co-creator, Salazar at 14 Shades of Grey, kept her outfit simple, but it evokes the mood of the painting perfectly.

And here's me. It wouldn't be me without some aggressive pattern mixing.

Great job this week, ladies! Everyone looks quite different because we took different elements of the painting to use. I love that. Thanks for participating!

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