Thursday, February 19, 2015

Ice Land

My parents have a knack for deciding to go on vacation during a time when a major weather occurrence hits. There have been huge rainstorms/tropical storms, ice storms, and snow storms while they've been gone, and it seems to happen every single time. This vacation of theirs has been no different--Monday afternoon into Tuesday morning, a storm dumped 3/8" of ice, along with a pile of sleet, over Cardiganland. Work was closed Tuesday, thankfully, because there was no way to drive on the roads with this kind of ice. I'm always fascinated by where I live when there's a layer of ice or snow on top of everything, because we all get to see it so rarely. So of course, I took a ton of pictures.

The horses are pretty pissed, and so are the cats, that the weather is like this. While most everything has melted away and dried, the ice storm's remnants have been replaced by brutal cold and searing wind, which have combined to drop the wind chill to roughly 7 degrees. I may have had 3-4 cats in my bed with me last night. MY boyfriend bought me a heating pad for Valentine's Day, and he could not have had better timing--I have actually cuddled it in my sleep. I have no shame.

So if you're wondering about the drought of outfit photos this week, it's because I've spent 90% of my days in flannel lined jeans and a fleece hoodie, even inside. It's not an attractive look--all of my barn clothes are covered in hay, clay and horse hair--but it keeps me warm. I've been in jeans and a sweater even at work, because I've been weeding at branches, a relatively physical task that involves carts and bins and hand trucks. My office looks like a bomb filled with old 98 Degrees and Ricky Martin albums went off. There are carts and boxes stuffed with old music and graphic novels that don't check out. It's a mess, and it would be more of a mess if I wore a skirt while digging through it all.

Here's hoping the weather you all are having right now is better than what we have! From what I've seen on the weather reports every night, it probably isn't, but I guess we can all be jealous of/bitter toward my parents together, right?

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