Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Shirt: Target | Camisole: Gap Outlet | Pants: Old Navy via Dani at DIYFATSHION | Boots: Off Broadway

When I was waking up after surgery, I was moaning. Apparently this is a thing that happens--the guy next to me in the post-op area was moaning too--so I guess it isn't that weird. I was so dry; my whole body was dry head to toe because I had to wash with antiseptic soap twice in the 12 hours before the surgery, and I wasn't allowed to put anything on my body after washing in the morning. No lotion, no moisturizer for my face, no Chapstick, no makeup, no nail polish. Nothing. And on top of that, I had had a breathing tube put in and an oxygen line in my nose, which dried my out further. I was like a raisin at that point. So it was no surprise when the nurse told me that while I was in the early stages of waking up, I wasn't just groaning, but I was asking for Chapstick.

I was desperate.

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