Monday, October 27, 2014


Canyon, by Helen Frankenthaler
1965, acrylic on canvas

Isabella emailed the Style Imitating Art curators (Salazar, Jen and myself) this week to point out that as much as she loves SIA, there's a real lack of something...mainly, female artists.


This is a thing I never even thought of, and what a stupid thing to not note--SIA is comprised almost solely of women, and the subjects of the art we choose are often females, so what gives with the lack of female artists? We're fixing that righthererightnow with Helen Frankenthaler, a prominent color field painter (and not the first we've interpreted). Canyon in particular is a rich piece, exposing the emotional response Frankenthaler had to a canyon. Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon, or any other canyon? It's a filling moment. There is an enormous space of nature in front of you, gaping wide and reaching out into the world around it. It's stunning, and the colour and movement convey that awe.

So pick your outfits and email me your photos by the evening of Monday, November 3rd to be included! Enjoy, y'all!

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