Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Style Imitating Art: Bonfire

Hello everyone! My apologies for getting this week's Style Imitating Art up a day late! I was busy going to--and then NOT going to--the Miley Cyrus concert, which is a post for another moment. But anyway--here are this week's submissions! As a reminder, this week's inspiration was the beautiful Bonfire, by Andrew Wyeth.

First up is Isabella of Adventure in Helsinki. She translated a little poem, which I'm going to stick in my next blog post! She also looks adorable (your hair's getting long, Isabella!).

Next is Stephanie, who found out about SIA from Jen. She doesn't have a blog yet, but I'll be reading if she ever decides to start one. The tan cardigan is perfect for the painting!

Next is Gretchen, who blogs at One Crazy Beautiful Life. She's a children's librarian! In Hawaii! With a killer purse! So many good things.

Next up is Jen of Librarian for Life and Style, who says her shirt reminds her of smoke. I think she's right.

Kezzie of KezzieAG isn't thrilled with her outfit, but I really like it, especially the skirt.

Grace of Living with the A-Holts picked a really awesome necklace, so click the link to see it. The whole outfit is awesome too though! Uhhhh and her shoes were $2. That's amazing.

Erin of Loop Looks always looks great for SIA, and this week is no different--I love the colour of her blazer, and overall she just looks fierce. It's awesome.

Every once in a while, someone submits two outfits to SIA. Sometimes I post both, sometimes I post one, depending on how many people have submitted. Salazar, my SIA cocreator over at 14 Shades of Grey, sent me two, so I squished them together--the one on the left was the one she actually laid out for SIA, and the one on the right was a happy accident. I think they both look great.

And then there's me. Have I mentioned how happy I am to have lipstick back? I have? OH WELL, HAPPY TO HAVE LIPSTICK BACK.

Thank you ALL for participating, ladies! Everyone looks absolutely fantastic this week. Well done, y'all!

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