Monday, April 28, 2014


Tamarack Swamp, Algoma, by Lawren Harris
1920, oil on canvas

Check. These. Colours.

Lawren Harris was a Canadian painter (oh Canada!), and I'd never heard of him until Jen emailed Salazar and I yesterday to tell us that his art was this week's SIA pick. Surprise! Harris was actually a very influential Canadian artist and pioneered the school of Canadian painting, and I think he's to Canada what Andrew Wyeth was to the Brandywine Valley. Jen told us that in addition to using oil paint, he sometimes mixed wax into his paints to add what I imagine is a very unique texture. One of my favourite things about Harris is that he eventually stopped signing his paintings, because he wanted viewers to judge the artwork based on the art alone, not by the merits of the artist. An interesting discussion of this concept--art separate from artist--take place in one of my favourite books, The Submission by Amy Waldman.

Now that I've successfully gone off topic: send Jen your inspiration by Monday, May 5th! Holy cow, it's almost May. That's insane. Enjoy the inspiration!

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