Sunday, March 30, 2014


Bonfire, Andrew Wyeth
Watercolour on paper, 1992

During our this week of Style Imitating Art, I picked Christina's World by Andrew Wyeth. I have written before on my admiration of the Wyeth family and I felt the need to return to Andrew's work after visiting the Greenville County Museum of Art, firmly ensconced in Cardiganland, and holder of the largest collection of Andrew's watercolour paintings in the world. (I have plans to highlight the patriarch of the Wyeths, N.C., soon--unless Jen or Salazar beats me to it!)

Consuming Andrew's watercolours was a delight for me; although I grew up on visits to the Brandywine River Museum of Art, I was too young to really understand what I was absorbing, and most of their holdings were for Andrew's oil paintings. Andrew started as a watercolour painter and eventually moved into oil, the medium in which his most famous pieces were created, but he maintained a healthy appreciation for watercolour throughout his life. Seeing the part of the collection on display was truly enlightening--I wrote an extensive pathfinder on the Wyeths for an art libraries class in grad school, and I feel like the amount of knowledge I have for the Wyeths is so vastly expanding by seeing their art in person as an adult.

So anyway. I picked Bonfire specifically because it was one of Wyeth's more recent watercolours, and for me, it showed his progression from traditional wet brush watercolour painting to a far more experimental process, which installed different media, dry brush techniques, and colour variety. It's a truly striking piece, too.

Email me your submissions by Monday night (APRIL 7TH!). I hope you all enjoy this one!

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