Monday, February 10, 2014

Put a snowy owl on it

Scarf: Etsy/gift from mom | Shirt: Target | Belt: Target | Skirt: eShakti | Tights: uhhhh Target? | Wedges: Target

This is the perfect time to have the snowy owl as inspiration for SIA, because 1) it's supposed to snow a lot in Cardiganland over the next couple of days, and 2) because This Guy was seen hanging around outside my library last week. Everyone--and I mean EVERYONE--was talking about how it was eating a squirrel on top of one of our light posts. That's what I want to hear on a Friday afternoon. Yep.

Check out Jen's SIA post that will be up tomorrow morning for more SIA outfits! Spoiler alert: we have a lot of ladies taking part this week, and I'm really amped about it!

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