Monday, September 30, 2013


Red Raspberries on a Forest Floor, by William Mason Brown
1866, oil on board

Well, y'all, it's fall. It doesn't feel a lot like it here in Cardiganland, but as of tomorrow, it's officially October, baseball is thankfully nearly over, football is cranking into high gear, and pumpkin everything is happening everywhere. So I found an appropriately autumnal painting for Style Imitating Art. William Mason Brown painted mostly still lifes, mostly of fruit, mostly on the forest floor. Charming! Brown was born in Troy, New York, and spent his early life in Newark, New Jersey. He eventually moved to Brooklyn, and there he stayed until his death in 1898. Although the name William Mason Brown might not ring a bell, he was a pretty well known artist during his life and today his small pieces (at most 12 inches wide) can swing $30,000 at auction. Pretty impressive for a guy from the Hudson Valley.

Send me your submissions by the evening of Monday, October 7th. (Jets/Falcons night!) Enjoy!

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