Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Support system

High five me, bro!

Dress: Anthropologie | Belt: Ann Taylor Factory Store | Wedges: Target | Lips: NARS Jungle Red

I am up to my EARS in storytelling stuff, y'all. Books, stories, books on stories, lectures on stories, chats on stories, analyses of stories. I may sound like I'm complaining, and in a way I am--everyone warned me about Maymester classes!--but it's also kind of awesome. I performed one of my stories for my boss today and she was extremely jazzed, and I had a lot of fun doing it. I've never considered storytelling as something I can do. I have a thing about public speaking; I'm not afraid of it, but I subconsciously and physiologically respond to it. My heart races. I begin to blush. I get hot. But generally, none of this happens until the speaking is actually over. And the nice thing about storytelling is that once it's over, it is OVER. Unless you're in class, there's no feedback. As soon as you walk in front of you, everyone wants you to succeed. They all want to hear the story. That's why you're there, and if you panic, that's okay, because you take a second, you take a deep breath, and then everyone wants even MORE for you to do well. Which is kind of an amazing thing. If only all public speaking were that supportive.

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