Monday, January 21, 2013

Clothing across America

Fleece: Eddie Bauer Outlet | Jeans: Eddie Bauer Outlet | Flats: Toms

Here are the things I wore on my trip, from east to west! The outfit above was basically my day in, day out outfit. Jeans, flats/boots, shirt, fleece. That fleece is the best $25 I have ever spent.

Coat: JCPenney

What I wore at Graceland. Graceland, you guys.

Scarf: gift from parents | Sweater: J.Crew

Here I am at the Mississippi River. Shortly after this photo was taken, we crossed the bridge behind me and ended up in Arkansas.

Top: Anthropologie

Me at the Petrified Forest. I skipped a few days because I got horrible food poisoning in Little Rock and wasn't back to my old self until we left Flagstaff.

Again, living in that fleece. Also taken at the Petrified Forest.

This is what I wore on my hot date with THE GRAND CANYON.

Top: J.Crew | Jeans: Eddie Bauer Outlet

By the time we reached Lake Mead and Nevada, it was in the 60s! Love it.

Sweater: Ann Taylor

Las Vegas was fabulous and warm and awesome.

Cardigan: Target | Dress: JCPenney

I actually got to wear a DRESS to the Hoover Dam! Seriously, warm and awesome.

We hung out in a lot of bathrooms in Las Vegas. Fascinating places. This was at Caesars Palace.

Top: J.Crew Factory

California was a little chillier--50s--but in the sun on the top of a hill at the Hearst Castle, it felt too nice to wear my fleece.

But by the time we were halfway down the Pacific Coast Highway, fleece was BACK ON. It was cold, you guys. Real cold.

Yay me!

Cardigan: Target | Top: Macy's

Our final day of sightseeing in San Francisco involved Lombard Street, which I got to drive down. It was epic.

And then I came home, and I have spent the last week catching up with school (which started on Monday) and work (which I returned to on Tuesday). I returned to 64 emails at work and 20 at school and chipping away at all that has been SO FUN but I think I've got things together now. I'll do a recap post or two of my trip involving things I saw instead of things I wore, but for a more comprehensive and visual overview, I still recommend reading the blog we kept, Librarians in Transit. I've heard it's well worth the visit. The photos are supposed to be great. ;)

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