Thursday, January 31, 2013


Cardigan: Target | Dress as skirt: Ann Taylor Factory Store | Tights: Target | Flats: Payless | Lips: NARS Schiap

Let me tell you about this lipstick.

While Sarah and I were in Las Vegas, we encountered many Sephoras. At the one in Caesars Palace, Sarah tried on her first red lipstick, NARS Red Lizard. (It looked great on her.) And because I am nothing if not daring with my lip colours, I tried on NARS Schiap. And then I really liked it, so I tried to buy it, but they were out.

You see where this is going, right?

During the rest of the trip, I pined. I was obsessed. We checked another Sephora in San Francisco, but an employee notified us that Schiap had been sold out in stores for weeks and they had no idea when it would be restocked. (Noooooooo!) So I signed up for an in-stock email. And I got one last week while I was at work! Pep was restored to my step. I drove home, excitedly hopped on the Sephora website, and found my lipstick.

And it was already sold out.

Despondent, I checked eBay. I checked Ulta. I checked Nordstrom. Nary a stick to be found. So I signed up for the email again, and wished and waited for what felt like months but was really only days.

But finally...finally.

I got the email. Right before lunch, too, so I was able to leap onto a computer and order it as soon as I was on break! Five days later, it was in my hands. It smells like cracked pepper and it looks like how Kesha's music sounds. I looooove it. And so do my patrons--I was told today that my lipstick was a) striking, b) dynamic and c) splendid. Indeed.

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