Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wiz wit onions plz

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Four of thirty

I grew up not too far from Philadelphia, so I spent much of my childhood downing cheesesteaks. (Pat's forever.) When I moved south, one of the things I missed (and still miss!) most terribly was the food--bread, lunchmeat, tomatoes; none of it's as good down here. I'll admit that the large meats (ham, pork, steak) are way better down here, but you don't put Wiz on pork products. So imagine my woe when last night I was eating my ham and American cheese omelette and the tv show my mother was watching did a feature on Pat's, Gino's, and the cheesesteak. I cried into my yellowish eggs covered in pepper and wished for tastier days. (Good thing I'm going home, huh?)

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