Monday, October 5, 2015

The water is wide

Scarf: JCPenney | Jacket: Target | Dress: Gap Outlet | Belt: Target | Tights: Target | Cowboy boots: Belk

Cardiganland spent most of this past weekend bracing for impact, and expecting the worst, but I'm very lucky to say that most of Joaquin missed my part of the state. We got plenty of rain--about 7 inches overall--and one person did die in the area last week, but the situation could have been much, much worse. I have friends who live in Columbia but were in Charlotte over the weekend and now they can't get home, because every interstate between the two cities is flooded in some areas. I hate that there are parts of South Carolina that are in such dire straits right now. It's devastating. But one thing I know about this state is that for better or worse, people band together. And in this situation, I believe it will be for the better.

Check out Jen's blog tomorrow for more outfits inspired by this week's SIA selection!

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