Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Cat on a Chair, by Théophile Steinlen
Oil on canvas, 1880

From a bear in a boat to a cat in a chair! At least cats in chairs makes sense, though. (I can think of three cats in my house right now who are asleep in chairs.) I once had a cat who looked just like the cat in this painting. His name was Ziggy, and he was our barn cat; he was a total jerk to other cats but liked people well enough. We had to put him down last summer after he was injured pretty badly, but we still have his sister, Zoe. She's super neurotic and very small. Our neighbour found them together on the side of the road when they were still quite young (maybe a couple of months old) and she brought them to us because her dogs are not cat dogs. They actually got loose and attacked another one of our cats, Pita, who is the mother of Lucky, our extremely obese orange tabby who came with the property and rules the roost. And he's one of the cats that is currently asleep on a chair.

Cat lady moment OVER. If you want to take part in this week's SIA, email Salazar photos of your outfit by Monday, June 29th! This one's for the cat ladies out there, so enjoy :)

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