Sunday, October 20, 2013

I need advice

This Introduction Page welcomes visitors to the end-of-program portfolio. It provides and overview of the content and how to navigate the portfolio. A photograph is also a desirable part of the introduction and should be a head shot or photograph taken in a professional setting.

I have to pick a "headshot" for my portfolio for school, and this is the one I currently have picked out. I know it's old--from March--but I am struggling to find a photo that evenly balance professional with personal. I don't want to do some dumb against-a-white-background headshot, but I also don't want to do something ridiculous. What do you think? Should I do something more recent, with my hair short? I'm getting new classes next week (SO excited, you guys!), so should I wait until I get those? If you don't think this picture is right, what would you envision? My friends and coworkers think I'm overthinking this, and I should "just use whatever's on (my) blog", but this is the very first thing my advisor will see when she opens my portfolio and since this my graduation hinges on this portfolio, I want to put my very best face forward. & I know I'm not smiling, but that's kind of standard. I have other pictures where I'm smiling, but I'm not sure how professional they look comparatively.

So: thoughts?

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