Tuesday, August 6, 2013


The Oval Office, by Roy Lichtenstein
Oil on canvas, 1992

I'm still on vacation, but here's this week's SIA inspiration!

Roy Lichtenstein is a really fun artist. He's very famous for his pop art creations during the 1960s, but this painting, created in 1992, speaks to a slightly different crowd. Lichtenstein's later works were often adaptations of locations and still life, unlike his earlier and more popular work, which often depicted woeful women. I went to a bonspiel in Columbus and when we walked through security I saw standing before me an enormous sculpture by Lichtenstein--I'd know it anywhere--and although the rest of my curling team had no idea what I was going ON and ON about, they kindly stopped and took my picture in front of the sculpture. It was exciting.

Send me your submissions by Monday night (August 11th!) and I'll get the post up late that night. This is a fun one, you guys! Definitely inspires some pattern mixing. Enjoy!

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